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Expertise, timelines, and budgets can be difficult to align when creating new software. Mile Marker’s team combines early-stage speed with Fortune 500 experience to create lasting solutions for your businesses, no matter the size.

Your Problem

Managing Product Inception, Launch, and Growth

You face one challenge getting your software product to market, and another challenge growing your business success.

Your Solution

Take Mile Marker with You as
Your Digital Guide

We walk with you along the path to product excellence, drive timely product launch, and enable product evolution, ensuring long term success.

Low Risk, High Reward

Mile Marker runs a proven development processes that lowers your implementation risk and offers cost effective pricing so it is never "all or nothing" or "now what?"

We collaborate with you to get your solution right. We listen, adjust, bring insights, and create working solutions fast - then we stay with you to evolve your solution. Consider us a part of your team.

Mile Marker Services

Custom Built to Fit Your Needs

Software development is an ever-shifting journey. The potential paths are numerous and your desired destination may change with time. How do you know where to start or when to switch course?

We call ourselves Mile Marker for a reason: We know the landscape. We know the popular trails, uncover hidden paths, and chart where we've been with an eye to where we're going.

We de-risk your endeavors through our collaborative service offerings.

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Start with a Sprint

Embarking on a successful journey requires planning, good equipment, the right map, and an experienced guide.

Your journey with Mile Marker begins with a tight, structured, two-week partnership - a single sprint focused on your goals for your product. We will explore strategies and challenge assumptions to discover the best path forward. The sprint ends with the delivery of a Product Development Plan detailing everything you - and your potential investors - need to know to bring your product to life.

Blazing the Trail

Each client is partnered with a Monthly Product Team. Why not just a "Product Team" - what is the value in "Monthly"?

Particularly within the early phases of development, a lot can change in the course of a month. We have structured our product teams in a way that they can easily flex and rearrange to best meet your needs with a month's notice. This configuration allows us to move fast, maintain agility, and save you money.

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The Road Goes Ever On

We've reached a fantastic milestone - your product is live!

But why stop there? Whether you are looking to maintain your current pace or deepen your exploration, we'll be by your side discovering new destinations.

The Mile Marker Way

"Agile" isn't just a buzzword for us, it's how we work.

So many companies claim to be "agile" yet insist on non-agile procedures and lock you into a large, defined scope of work. Our ability to pivot and change direction based on your needs make us a truly agile partner.

The first step to true agile work is a solid foundation; we create this together in our introductory 2 Week Product Sprint, then we back it up with our flexible Monthly Product Team.

Mile Marker Solves Problems

Product development is more than just software development.

We help you design and deliver products that solve your and your customers' problems.

We focus on what makes your product unique to ensure we map your

strongest path to success, and sometimes that path doesn't require a single line of code.

Whether software is the root of your business, a tool to enable your product,

or an unnecessary distraction, we will guide you to your next step.

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Meet Mile Marker

Our Founder and CEO, Daniel Litvak, has founded and exited early-stage startups, co-founded a venture-backed company that today is worth over a billion dollars, and has created software for PC, web, and mobile platforms.


Daniel & his handpicked team will maximize resources in order to take your project to the next phase, no matter the size.

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