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Monthly Product Team

We are a one-stop shop for your design, development, and delivery. We work with you to develop requirements, build solutions, and bring value to your customers.

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“We decided to work with Mile Marker because of their highly skilled team and their specialization in working with companies looking to build from the ground up...Mile Marker’s transparency and highly detailed documentation of work allowed our team to understand what was being completed at every stage...Their prompt responses to, and executions of, feedback made for an enjoyable working partnership.”

Fariba Assadi-Porter, Founder & CEO and Davud Porter, Data Engineer

Monthly Product Team Traits


We offer a broad range of capabilities (see below). Based on your needs, we balance the resources allocated to your project so you get a full team of experts for a reasonable monthly price.


You are the industry expert; we are the software product experts. Together, we build software for your industry.


We follow a true agile methodology focusing on incremental improvements to remain flexible while staying on course.


There is never any confusion about project status as we communicate with you through weekly meetings, progress updates, regular beta deployments, and a shared Slack channel.

Our Capabilities


Fractional CTO

Product Management


Customer Onboarding

Customer Support

Customer Feedback


Software Architecture

Cloud Infrastructure

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Database Design & Management

IoT Architecture


Backend (API) Software Engineering

Frontend (Web) Software Engineering

Mobile Software Engineering

Cross-Platform Quality Assurance & Testing

Electrical Engineering

Firmware Engineering

Machine Learning Engineering

Infrastructure & Application Monitoring

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