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Monthly Product Team

We are a one-stop-shop for your product design, development, and delivery. We work in tandem with you to develop requirements, build solutions, and bring value to your customers.

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Traits of the Monthly Product Team


We offer a broad range of capabilities (see below). We balance the resources allocated to your project based on need so you can get a full team of expertise for a reasonable monthly price.


You are the industry expert, we are the software product expert. Together, we build software for your industry.


We follow a true agile methodology with 2 week sprints to balance predictability with flexibility.


You maintain full transparency through weekly meetings, progress updates, regular beta deployments, and access to our team via a shared Slack channel.

Our Capabilities


Fractional CTO

Product Management


Customer Onboarding

Customer Support

Customer Feedback


Software Architecture

Cloud Infrastructure

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Database Design & Management

IoT Architecture


Backend (API) Software Engineering

Frontend (Web) Software Engineering

Mobile Software Engineering

Cross-Platform Quality Assurance & Testing

Electrical Engineering

Firmware Engineering

Machine Learning Engineering

Infrastructure & Application Monitoring

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