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Agile Services Built To Size.

We offer custom-sized solutions to fit your business needs, goals, and capabilities. Often, this starts with a 2-Week Product Sprint which provides you with the information necessary to make an informed investment decision. 


We know one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to software development, so we offer custom-sized solutions to fit your business needs, goals, and capabilities.

2-Week Product Sprint


Mile Marker has developed a proven process to assist founders in developing their product requirements. This process is based loosely on Google Venture's "Sprint" and Eric Ries' "The Lean Startup." We provide founders with clarity around the resources needed to bring their products to market through this process. At the end of the assessment, founders are supplied with the documentation necessary for their technical teams to begin developing their minimum viable product.


We do everything in our power to keep the cost of the sprint as reasonable as possible. Most sprints are completed for $4,000 but can scale up with your needs.

Sprint Report

The result of our 2-week sprint is a comprehensive product development plan that includes product requirements, feature requirements, a proposed architecture, and a roadmap that details the necessary time and money investment to reach your desired goals.

You are the expert with the vision

You know the market. We know the software.

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Two-hour blocks, three times a week, two weeks.

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5 hours of homework to start + up to one hour per meeting.

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Get the information you need to take action

Crystal clear problem that we can solve with software

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Long term vision converted into impactful milestones

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High-level blueprint outlines how we will build the solution

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User-driven solution requirements

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De-risk timelines and estimates with a first pass

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Understand the necessary time and monitary investment

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Monthly Product Team

Mile Marker’s Monthly Product Team is your one-stop shop for product design, development, and delivery. We work with you to develop requirements, build solutions, and help your customers improve their daily lives. Our team is available to support your operations beyond just product development.

Multi Disciplinary

We are a team of various skills from design and development to testing and system admins. 

We act like a general contractor to ensure the painters don’t show up before the drywall is hung.


You are the industry expert, were the software product expert. Together, we can build software for your industry.


We follow agile methodology with 2-week sprints to balance predictability with flexibility. 

We are constantly revising timelines, priorities, and goals as your business evolves.


You maintain full transparency into our work. We provide daily and weekly status updates including up-to-date roadmaps to ensure you never have to ask “when will it be ready”.

Our Capabilities

Fractional CTO

Product Management

Software Architecture

Cloud Infrastructure


User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Customer Onboarding

Customer Support

Customer Feedback

Backend (API) Software Engineering

Frontend (Web) Software Engineering

Mobile Software Engineering

Database Design and Management

Cross-Platform Quality Assurance and Testing

IoT Architecture

Electrical Engineering

Firmware Engineering

Machine Learning Engineering

Infrastructure & Application Monitoring