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Software Development for Startups

By Founders, For Founders

Software Development for Startups

Whether you're at the inception of a brand-new product or planning to grow a young product, the path forward can be daunting. We know because we’ve been there. We understand the challenges of introducing a new product and can guide you to a successful first (or next) release efficiently and within budget.

"Our team was full of ideas but lacked the practical expertise needed to implement them. Mile Marker had lived what we were going through, and for that reason they were the exact partner we needed and wanted. We have continued to partner with them because they do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it, and in the way that it needs to be done." 

   Joel Sandersen, CEO, Rebate Bus

Cliffs and River

Our Team is Focused on Getting Your Product into the Hands of Your Customers

The sooner you can deliver a functional product to your customers, the faster you can begin building on their feedback.


By functioning in a truly agile manner, we are prepared to pivot with you when new feedback or requirements come to light. As your needs shift, so does our team - we offer services in architecture, design, operations, engineering, quality assurance, and more - all for the comparable cost of a couple of skilled engineers.

We Support You as You Prepare for Your Next Move

Your next move may be to entering another round of fundraising, taking the time to gather more feedback, acquiring more customers, preparing to scale, or none or all of the above. Regardless of your goals, our team can stay on to maintain your software and support your next steps. And if your next move is to hire your own internal team to take over, we offer a seamless handover experience.

Starting the Product Journey With You

If you don’t have your MVP yet, we’re here to help. We collaborate with you to distill your ideas into a plan focused on getting you to market as fast as reasonable. We help identify and highlight your product’s unique strengths. We provide detailed next steps in documentation designed to support your stakeholder buy-in and funding efforts. Need help with your pitch? We can help refine your pitch and join meetings with investors.

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