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Start Ups  - We've Been There

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Facing an open sky of possibilities is daunting. We know because we've been where you are now - many times. We understand the challenges of introducing a new product and can guide you to a successful release methodically, fast, and within budget.

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Build What, Why, and When?

We Discover Your Best Steps Forward, Together

Our relationship begins with our Strategic Alignment Workshop. This process brings us to a consensus on how we will spotlight your product's unique value.

The industry standard process of requirements gathering is only a part of this - the heart of our collaboration comes from a deeper analysis of your product and its intended users. We challenge assumptions and uncover hidden risks and opportunities to reveal a path we can take forward with confidence.

Deliver Value Quickly

As former founders ourselves, we know fast is better than perfect. It costs less, validates ideas quickly, and allows us to craft strategic solutions that deliver results and evolve with the people who need them.

We can make alluring, award-winning designs...but we care much more about driving conversions with useful, meaningful experience for the folks you serve to generate a positive ROI for your stakeholders.

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Reduce Your Risk

Transitioning directly from "idea" to "100% successful product at launch" is unheard of; this is why we have structured our development process in a manner that allows for frequent validation.

Our Monthly Product Team begins our development journey down the path identified during our Strategic Alignment Workshop, constantly looking for signs that this path remains the right one. Because the team works on a monthly basis rather than to a particular project scope, the discovery of a new path doesn't require change orders or reestimating - we simply agree on the new direction and keep moving.

Do I Need a CTO Yet?

Few startups launch with a CTO on board, and not all startups need one. We fill the technical space you need us to as Advisor, Consultant, or Partial CTO. We meet with your advisors and investors to make sure all of your stakeholders are bought in.

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Flexibility in Your Future

The future is entirely up to you. Whether you plan to bring us with you on your further endeavors or only need us for a brief campaign, we are here to help you succeed.

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