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Strategic Alignment Workshop

Strategic Alignment Workshop

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We will deep-dive into your product over the course of 2 weeks. What is it now, what does it need to be, and how can we get it there?

What Are the Elements of a Successful Workshop?


You know the market.

We know the software.

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Six hours of meetings and ten hours of asynchronous work.

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Asynchronous work allows for wisely spent meeting time.

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What Are the Tangible Outcomes?

We will produce a Product Development Plan customized to your product that outlines everything needed to bring you to your Minimum Viable Product and beyond.

Typically, the plan covers the following:

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Problem Statement


User Personas

Feature Milestones

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Workflow Outline

Major User Flows

Data Model

Architecture & Integrations

Product & Project Risks

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Collaboration Plan

Skills Needed

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Initial Development

Ongoing Development

Continued Support & Management

What About Intangible Outcomes?

The Strategic Alignment Workshop is highly introspective and often leads to fresh insights, new ideas and discovered efficiencies.


Increased confidence in a plan is priceless - but the support our Product Development Plan offers in gaining new investors is not. Our clients have successfully used this document to raise the funds needed to get their product to launch.

Strategic Alignment Workshop
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