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Founders Guide: 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Building an MVP

Packed with insights from Mile Marker CEO Daniel Litvak, this eBook is your roadmap to strategic product development. We’ll help you:


  • Steer clear of critical errors in MVP development.

  • Understand the table stakes to building a solid product, even if you know nothing about software development. 

  • Understand why Agile development is a helpful approach for new products, and more importantly—how to discern the difference between truly Agile development and corner-cutting.

  • Build an investable product that attracts target users and more funding! 

DevOps: Pre-Launch Guide

Interested in a comprehensive guide to ensure you take all of the necessary steps when deploying an application? Look no further than our pre-launch guide to make sure your team has everything they need before your application goes live!

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In-House vs. Outsourcing Dev Team Analysis

Are you a startup or business considering the pros and cons of hiring in-house or outsourcing your development team? The decision ultimately depends on your specific needs and in this downloadable, we'll help you figure out exactly that! Take a look at our thorough analysis to figure out what best option fits your unique needs.

DevOps: New Product Guide

Looking for ways to avoid the common mistakes that hinder new product success? Checkout our new product guide to ensure your DevOps team has everything they need to plan and implement new products with precision and confidence.

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