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Frequently Asked Questions

Mile Marker's Services

What is the value of the Strategic Alignment Workshop?

The direct answer: The output of the Strategic Alignment Workshop is a comprehensive Product Development Plan. This document includes product requirements, feature requirements, a proposed architecture, and a roadmap that details the necessary time and monetary investment to reach your product goals. This document has been used to successfully close financing rounds and align teams and advocates on a clear product strategy and vision.  

The indirect answer: The act of participating in the Strategic Alignment Workshop causes the product owner to rethink and solidify their product goals. Completing this process leads to new discoveries, pivots to realize opportunities, and increased confidence in the product's direction.

Is the Product Development Plan developed during the Strategic Alignment Workshop still valuable if I choose not to develop with Mile Marker?

The Product Development Plan offers more than a cost and schedule estimate - it outlines the roadmap to bring your product to fruition. The feature definition, architecture design, and data models presented in the plan are beneficial to anyone working on your product’s development. Additionally, the information provided in this document is immensely helpful in supporting your fundraising rounds; it demonstrates due diligence and a thought-out plan to investors.

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How Mile Marker Works

What 3rd party services does Mile Marker use, and how is it decided when to use them?

"Creation through integration" is one of our core values. We don't believe in reinventing the wheel when there are highly functional wheels already available off-the-shelf. We make a point of integrating robust existing solutions for the non-unique components of our clients' products. A common example is authentication - it is rare to require a truly unique implementation and there are existing services available for a nominal monthly fee that is much cheaper than the months of development it would take to create an alternative. By outsourcing these components, we can spend more time focusing on the features that make our clients' products shine.

How does Mile Marker handle security?

Mile Marker takes security seriously. Internally, we operate under a well-defined process with tight controls regarding code access. We leverage robust third party tools where appropriate to ensure our applications offer the highest level of security we can offer. We have met SOC 2, HIPAA, and ITAR requirements; let us know what you need and we will work with you to create a robust security plan. Contact us to learn more about how we can meet your security protocols.

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Working With Us

Does Mile Marker only service startups?

Our founder's background and lean, agile team make us well-positioned to support early stage development. While “early stage development” accurately describes startups, it also applies to new projects and products being pursued by established businesses from mom & pop shops all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. We love working with clients at every stage in their business’s development!

What if I already have a software development team or plan on having my own team in the future?

Mile Marker can operate as a standalone team or as an augmentation to your existing development team. We work within our clients’ tools making it easy for us to assimilate into an existing work environment - and to complete handover to a new team. Particularly when working with younger companies it is our goal to bring you to a point where you are ready to hire your own in-house developers. See What does it mean for a client to “graduate” for more!

Do I Need a CTO Yet?

Few startups launch with a CTO on board, and not all startups need one. We fill the technical space you need us to as Advisor, Consultant, or Fractional CTO. We meet with your advisors and investors to make sure all of your stakeholders are bought in.

How does Mile Marker help with fundraising?

Mile Marker offers a Bridge to Development service in which we offer continued involvement between the creation of the Product Development Plan and the initiation of work with one of our Monthly Product Teams. We offer general advising, participation in board and potential investor meetings, pitch support, and more during this time to help you capture the resources you need to get moving.

Does Mile Marker offer training upon delivery of a product?

Due to the close collaboration we have with our clients, our constant iteration and weekly product updates often negate the need for formal training. However, we make sure to validate that our clients have everything they need to succeed. We offer synchronous and asynchronous training options upon delivery of the product. 

What does it mean for a client to "graduate"?

We love supporting early stage products, and we love it even more when those products are able to spread their wings and leave the nest. Our clients may reach a point where they feel they are ready to bring on their own internal development team and continue development on their now more robust product. When a client feels confident taking on full development ownership we see this as "graduating" - and we couldn't be prouder.


Why does Mile Marker propose a flat monthly fee instead of a per-project rate?

Mile Marker's development strategy relies heavily on agile methodologies, allowing us to pivot and adjust our current work to best meet the project's current needs. Proposing a price based on a specific product definition defeats the purpose of being agile as it requires a concrete project plan to be estimated accurately. Changes in direction would often cause adjustments to the final project price, leading to frequent change orders and subsequently delaying the project timeline. Operating on a monthly budget allows us to do what you need when you need it.

How much does it cost to build with Mile Marker?

Pricing varies by product. A standard Strategic Alignment Workshop is priced at $4,000 and pricing for a Monthly Product Team is estimated during this time. Pricing varies by workload and the speed at which the work is to be completed; we can adjust the plan to meet various budgeting and cash flow requirements. Our monthly rates start at $13,000.

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