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Mile Marker's First Leadership Summit

Mile Marker leadership assembled in one location for the first time this past October. Daniel, Raven, and Geoff convened in Albuquerque, New Mexico to discuss Mile Marker's long term strategy and bond as a team. Here are our most poignant takeaways:

While we find remote work to be more efficient than office work, there is unique value to being able to discuss big ideas without needing a screen.

As many have discovered as a result of the pandemic, we find working remotely from our homes to drive greater focus than working in an office environment - but when it comes to multiple days of all-day meetings, sitting in the same chair and staring at screens for hours on end takes its toll on on attention and creativity. In Albuquerque we were able to hop from breakfast diner to coffee shop to brewery while keeping the flow of conversation running smoothly. Changes in location marked shifts in discussion topic, and webcams were no longer needed to pick up on non-verbal cues in communication.

MeowWolf is an overstimulating fever-dream perfect for team bonding.

Our first order of business was to visit MeowWolf's House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe. We spent several hours exploring rooms, interacting with hidden games and musical instruments, and passing through surprise portals. The constant sense of discovery kept us deeply engaged in the story as we shared our findings with one another.

We're excited about the future of Mile Marker

Each discussion featured the same elevated energy with the ideas for bringing Mile Marker forward. We started by defining what we want Mile Marker to look like in 2025, then determined what we need to accomplish in 2023 to make it happen. Initiatives are set, responsible parties assigned, and plans underway. We're excited to share our new developments in the coming months!

You can put hatch chiles on anything.

Really. And it's good!

Together, we can reach any summit.

We finished our time together hiking in the Sandia Mountains. We made it through mud, ice, and snow to finally reach the Kiwanis cabin with a magnificent view of Albuquerque (and 11,000 square miles of New Mexico!). Now that everyone is back home, we can't wait to redefine "business as usual".


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